Tracy Reed’s Golf Swing Control Review– Can You Be as Good as Tiger Woods?

Tracy Reed’s Golf Swing Control Review– Can You Be as Good as Tiger Woods?

Tracy Reed is a very interesting man. Gulf War veteran that wanted to become a pro PGA golfer but injured his back, which put an end to those dreams. As a result, he is unable to play more than one or two rounds a week, at the most. However, his passion remains in golf and he has made it his goal to teach people how to find the swing that works for them, the swing that is more natural. In identifying this, these people will be able to be better golf players, perhaps even as good as Tiger Woods himself. Is there any truth to this, though? Can you really develop the perfect swing? Tracy Reed gives private lessons in Florida, which is great if you have $500 an hour to spare, and if you can wait until you’re old and grey before you get a slot scheduled. The Golf Swing Control program, however, teaches these same lessons without the insane price tag or waiting times.

What Is the Golf Swing Control Program?

According to Reed, what made it possible for him to develop this program is his military background. He was an interrogator, meaning he has a truly analytical mind. He applied this type of thinking to the biomechanical side of golf. As a result, he reverse engineered all of the principles that can be applied both to our bodies and to golf, which helped him create a perfect swing. If you ever come across anyone that has played Reed on his one or two rounds a week, you will quickly learn that his swing is indeed hugely impressive.

Anyone with an interest in golf will have heard of “muscle memory”. This is a tried and tested idea and it is something that has been scientifically proven. However, nobody seems to be able to tell us what to do with this muscle memory. That is where the Golf Swing Program comes in. Muscle memory is used by athletes in all sports, and it is the ability to tap into this that makes it possible for them to become as unbeatable as they are. However, you have to be in a really good physical condition if you ever want to make your muscle memory effective.

It is far more likely that you will find yourself tired after playing a few holes. Even if you don’t actually feel the tiredness, it is already there in your muscles. Hence, you can no longer rely on your muscle memory and your will notice that you are hitting increasingly poor shots. So, unless you are in peak physical condition, muscle memory is something that you simply cannot rely on.

The Secret of the Golf Swing Control Program

What you will learn is how the bottom of your feet are actually all you need in order to throw that perfect swing again and again. Your feet are the only point where your body is in direct contact with the ground. This means they carry the responsibility of finding your center of balance and balance is what it’s all about.

So, what you will learn in the program is how to find your dynamic balance. This will make it possible for your swings to be easy flowing. You can test this very easily by standing up right now and leaning forward. You will notice that the balls of your feet become pressured. Similarly, lean backwards and this pressure is experienced in the soles of your feet instead. This is what dynamic balance is, and the program teaches you not just to identify it, but also how to utilize it.

By learning this, you will be balanced at all time, from the start of your swing to the finish of your swing.You will also learn visualization techniques that allow you to feel how to place your swing, simply by listening to your feet, in a sense. Once you have mastered this technique, which is easy to do with the program, you will no longer make stupid mistakes and you can finally get off the driving range.
Last but not least, the program allows you to avoid injuries, because you are always balanced.

What I Liked

  • By following the program, your shots will go further than ever before. You will hit the ball perfectly each and every time, ending up with a fantastic score and low handicap at the end of your game.
  • You will no longer be plagued by slices, hooks or shanks.
  • You protect yourself from golf-related injuries and strains.
  • Follow the program properly, and you could just start playing against the giants and finding you give them a run for their money. In fact, regardless of the pressure you are under to win the game, you will be able to do it. By having a balanced body, you will find your nerves are reduced too.
  • You will learn what your very own natural swing is. By determining this, you will be able to access more power and become more accurate.
  • You no longer have to think about the thousands of things you think influence your swing. You know your wrists and hands will be in the right place, you know your plane is right, and you know you will hit that ball perfectly.
  • You will be able to finish a full round of golf without feeling tired. In fact, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

What I Didn’t Like

The only thing I would say is that I felt like I was cheating a little bit, on two planes. Firstly, Reed usually charges $500 an hour for this, and I was able to pick it up online for just a few bucks. Secondly, I was suddenly playing better than before, that I felt like I was cheating against my buddies. I got over it though!

The Verdict

So, after following the program, can I say I am better than Tiger Woods? I honestly don’t know, as he hasn’t replied to my invitation yet . What I do know, however, is that I feel like I have improved and generally became a better golfer.Plus, I enjoy the game more. I recommend this program to anyone with a passion for golf.

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