Country Club Elite Golf Mat Review – Real Feel or Not?

Country Club Elite Golf Mat Review – Real Feel or Not?

The majority of the states in our country are only able to grow grass in a natural way for half of the year. Also, a lot of golf courses, as good as they may be, only have a very narrow tee for practice shots. Combine these two, and you find yourself in a situation where you have to use driving range mats if you want to become a good golfer, and we all know driving range mats are horrible. However, the Country Club Elite Golf mat claims to be different and to offer a genuine real feel. Is there any truth in that? I decided to purchase one to see what it was like.

Realistic Golf MatWhat Is the Country Club Elite Golf Mat?

Golf mats have changed a lot over recent years. The Country Club Elite Golf Mat was developed by J.R. Mats, who use the high pile turf machines that are also used in athletic fields. They developed this new mat in 2006, and claimed it was as real as it could possibly get. In fact, it is said to be the only mat that will actually support a real tee.

Top golf courses, teaching professionals, driving range and country clubs around the globe have embraced this new product. You will find it in such places as the Jim McLean Golf School (Miami Beach), the Butch Harmon Golf School (Las Vegas) and the Mike Bender Golf Academy (Lake Mary). These are impressive credentials.

What Does the Country Club Elite Golf Mat Do?

The Country Club Elite Mat makes it possible for a golfer to have really realistic results during their practice rounds. This is because the mat uses long grass fibers, designed specifically to deliver the trademarked “true divot action”. Essentially, it is the best practice mat you could get your hands on. Whether you have a commercial practice facility, want to have your own range in your home or want to impress business clients by having one in the office, the Country Club Elite Golf Mat is the one to go for.

My Personal Experience

Real Golf Mats

I ordered a small golf mat (they aren’t the cheapest, so it was the best I could do to test with). My mat measures 20” by 36”. I was skeptical about the promise of it being able to take a divot. After all, loads of other mats claim the same but don’t actually deliver. By this time, however, I was desperate for something because the mats used at my own range were way too hard, and I feared injury. I did already have a mat at home, but being just 1/4″ in thickness, it was starting to come apart. This mat was perfect for me because I already owned a stance mat. If you don’t have one of these, you may want to choose a bigger mat instead.
After my very first swing, I knew that I had found the mat with a difference.The feeling is so realistic that I had to bend down and check whether it wasn’t actually real grass. As your club digs into the mat, you get the same resistance you would on a real range. It was able to handle my fast shots incredibly well and realistically as well. Having tried a number of different mats in the past, I know how they often give you a false sense of security. They do this because your club bounces off the mat, making decent contact with your ball and sending it flying. On a real range, you wouldn’t get anywhere and the Country Club Elite Mat doesn’t give this false sense at all.

What impressed me the most, however, was that I could actually stick my tee into the mat. This gave me the opportunity to practice my drills as well. I had loads of fun doing a gate drill, sticking numerous tees into the mat and clubbing to go through the gate.

All in all, I felt that hitting the ball was like being on an actual fairway. You can tell that you hit through and down the ball, which is superbly realistic. Also, the impact on my body was undeniable. It feels good to hit off this mat, rather than dangerous and painful. The injury in my shoulder that was developing now feels much better.

What I Liked

  • The realistic feel is unsurpassed by any other mat. It really feels as if you are using a fairway, rather than a mat.
  • You are able to put tees into the mat, adding to the realism of the entire device, as well as allowing you to work on specific swings, as well as practicing your drills.
  • Due to the realistic feel of the mat, it prevents injuries generally caused by unnatural mats.
  • It is recommended by some of the top ranges and professionals in the world, which filled me with confidence.

What I Didn’t Like

  • You may have to opt for a bigger mat, particularly if you don’t already own a stance. This means you have to have space available for it, as well as the budget of course. Alternatively, however, you could buy the smallest mat and purchase a cheap stance from a different manufacturer.
  • The mats aren’t the cheapest on the market. However, they are the most realistic and I am hugely impressed with what they can do. Well worth the money, in other words.
  • The mat also shifts a little bit since I’m not standing on it, I don’t find this objectionable – but another reason that a full sized mat may be a better choice in the future.

Country Club Elite Golf MatsThe Verdict

I say that any golf enthusiast needs to invest in one of the Country Club Elite Golf Mats. You will no longer have to worry about being unable to play as the grass has to grow back, or during the winter months. In fact, you will find that your golf swing improves very quickly, as you will be able to practice around the clock at home. This is by far the best golf mat available on the market today in my opinion and pro-golfers and driving ranges across the world seem to agree with me as well.

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