A Swing You Can Trust DVD

Dear Friends, Last chance to give A SWING YOU CAN TRUST !I’ve been informed Amazon is sold out… but you can order copies directly from our distributor www.igotthebug.com .Give ‘the most effective, comprehensive DVD ever ‘ It’s full swing, short game, total shotmaking and even golf fitness- all on one DVD ! ” (see reviews) The DVD has everything to master your game. It’s filled with simple breakthrough drills and

Swing Ball Pro

The Swing Ball Pro targets the core muscles for maximum rotational strength. The Swing Ball Pro is specially designed to improve core rotational strength. The patented slots and handles allow you to hold the weighted ball lightly and swing without tension, which is essential for releasing the golf club for maximum club head speed. The two colors represent both sides of your body to help you balance the force generated

Getting Up And Down Better Than Ever. Great Product!

Jay, “I really like to practice on my Country Club Elite Mat – I can duplicate the results on the golf course. Getting up and down better than ever. Great product!” Enclosed are photos of me practicing chipping/pitching with my RealFeal golf mat. The first photo is with me chipping from my driveway to a target in my front lawn. The second is me hitting to a far target from

Simple Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Probably the most important aspect of a great game of golf is an effective and properly executed swing. Unlike a lot of sports, where you can simply pick up the ball and start playing, golf requires a lot of technical dexterity and coaching in order to get the swing just right. The payoff is more than worth it though, as a solid swing can lower your score significantly, and can

Tips On Picking The Ideal Golf Set

Playing golf well requires that a player prepare themselves properly, both with regards to what they are wearing, as well as the equipment that they choose to put to use. Precision is so integral to the game that the wrong equipment can actually hinder someone from getting a good score; for this reason, players spend a lot of time choosing everything from the perfect driver to the best balls in